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Besides that, it also encrypts your connection so that you can surf the internet privately and securely. HTTP Injector app developed by Evozi is also a mobile proxy server with the ability to modify requests and access restricted websites.

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Also check this post to get latest http injector config files for any country. The app is also available for PC. If you need the Pro version or the PC version, let me know. Enjoy and flex this app and remember to. Share with your friends on social media by hitting the Facebook and Twitter share buttons.

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Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. Wednesday, April 15, Forgot your password?Just follow these instructions:. This box contains a Key Store Path field. Choose a name and a location for your key store. See the first field below. A key store file was created and named android. In the filename android. Signing all your Android projects with the same key is a very good idea.

Android treats the key as a kind of fingerprint, and two apps with the same fingerprint can be trusted to communicate with one another. When two apps have the same key, you can easily get these apps to help one another out. At this point, it helps to understand the difference between a key store file and a single key. A key is what you use to digitally sign your Android app. A key store file is a place to store one or more keys. Please remember to remember the passwords that you create when you fill in the Password and Confirm fields.

The alias can be any string of characters, but you might want to decide against being creative when you make up an alias. Avoid blank spaces and punctuation. Happy New Year, everybody! The probability of two people having the same name and working in the same unit of the same organization in the same locality is close to zero.

Also, be sure to select Release in the Build Type drop-down list. Android Studio offers to open the folder containing your shiny, new APK file.

Open the folder, and stare proudly at your work. Android Studio asks for a Key Store Path. The New Key Store dialog box. On your way to an APK. Make an APK! Very nice!I built it and ran it but i couldnt get it to work my listener didnt recieve anything. So now my question is is it actually possible to embed a payload into another apk and if so what is the right way to do it? I don't know much about embedding into APKs but this post is a good question to ask and well asked.

You can try to use SPF. You can backdoor a legit apk with this. At least it claims that it can do. I couldn't do it but there are lots of videos on youtube they actually did it. It looks like we can use our backdoored apk with metasploit. If you make it work. Let me know. I'm very interested. I don't have much coding skills.

payload generator apk

However if you look into sourcecode of it maybe you get the process of compiling two apks. I finally combined them but there are some problems as I said below.

I combined our metasploit apk with a legit one successfully. After, installation if user push "run" I get a meterpreter session. So far, it's okay.

But the problem is on the menu there are 2 apks. Same name, same icon.

Free HTTP Injector APK APPS Latest Download For PC

One of them does nothing but give us meterpreter session. The other one is the legit apk.ZipException: zip file is empty at java. Unknown Source at java. Unknown Source at com. I'm having the same problem. For me it came up when fixing the parse error. There was a slight problem with the code, we have made the changes. Please try again, this time it should work.

The apk it installs for me is blank and can't be transferred or sent to anyone. How do I get the right apk? Please try again, this time it will work the blank 0 bytes apk problem is solved. Hello friend, when I generate the apk solve the spaces weighs bytes approximately Please for me to exploit run.

I want to use "android commands", What is the problem please help me thanks. Anyone who wants to make a call from the device afterwards just try this. Type "shell" without quotes in the meterpreter shell. It will give you a local shell on the Android device. Now you can make a call by using the activity manager Just type the following command am start -a android. Thanks a bunch.

Worked like a charm. Except, Im a bit stumbled on. How exactly would I go about hanging the phone up after the call connects. Thanks :. I have Oneplus 2 as well. Did you root the device? How did you manage to install the apk file on the device? Do we have to sign the apk file to install it on the device?

payload generator apk

Thanks in advance. I have Samsung galaxy S4 which I have currently rooted before, and I already tried everything writed in this post but the apk didnt installed in my smartphone and not connected with my kali. When i open the App on my and thats is "Main Activity" it doesnt show on msfconsole on linux? One question. How can I send it someone's phone?

I have trouble on that part. Sending the apk file to someone's andrioid? It should connect after the MainActivity app has been clicked on.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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A quick way to generate various "basic" Meterpreter payloads via msfvenom part of the Metasploit framework. The idea is to be as simple as possible only requiring one input to produce their payload.

The rest is to make the user's life as easy as possible e. The only necessary input from the user should be defining the payload they want by either the platform e. Note: This will NOT try to bypass any anti-virus solutions at any stage.

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Could not start the machine gns3 vm because the following physical

Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 2acb87f Apr 13, Can't remember your IP for a interface? Don't sweat it, just use the interface name : eth0.

Don't know what your external IP is? MSFPC will discover it : wan. Want to generate one of each payload? No issue!Hello friends! It is the tool used to compromise any android deceive for attacking point, we are using it only for educational purpose. Open the terminal in your Kali Linux and execute given below command to download it from git hub. Now execute given below command to run the script and lunch the evil-droid application.

When you will execute above command evil-droid will start as shown in given below image. Here it will start from testing internet connection and its dependencies from available kali Linux tool by its own. Now Evil droid framework will get open to hack remote android platform by executing given below options. Enter your Kali Linux IP in the given text field as shown in given below image.

After that again a prompt will pop up in order to set LPORT for reverse connection as shown in given below image. In next prompt enter payload name, you want to give to your apk payload as shown in given below image. Here I had given baidu-broswer name to my payload. Now when everything is set by an attacker for generating an apk payload, at last, he will get a list for payload option to choose the type of payload he wants to generate as shown in given below image.

Now download any original apk file from Google in order to hide your payload in that file. Here I had downloaded baidu. This will now generate a malicious baidu. On another hand another prompt will pop up to choose the following option:. Now it will lunch multi-handler and start reverse TCP handler on attacker machine as shown in given below image.

As soon as the victim will download and run the malicious baidu. From given below image you can observe meterpreter session 1 is opened. How can we see the content or dump contacts or SMS after closing Kali Linux I mean how to get information for the second time as we will close Kali Linux at sometime….

Embed a Metasploit Payload in an original .apk File | Part 2 – Do it manually

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Like this: Like LoadingHi, Metasploit was updated recently or, at least, since the last time I used itand one large thing, is msfpayload was removed, and replaced with msfvenom. Now, I've tried substituting msfvenom -p for msfpayload, and it creates the APK, but when it is run and the listener is started, it does not connect.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

How to Create a Publishable APK File for Your Android App

I can't seem to figure out this new method of things And this is the command used to start the listener which used to result in my having control over the Android device, prior to the msfvenom update :. And yes, it was intentional :. Use social engineering to achieve this. Say for example : "Hey, dude I just made a new game. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to try it out for me and give a review.

payload generator apk

So, will you help me? Thanks, man, I appericiate it. Now I'll leave u to ur imagination! I died laughing when I saw that. I mean it's only his LAN so at least it isn't a bad slip up.

payload generator apk

Is the device your running it on on the same network because otherwise you would have to use your remote ip and do some port forwarding. But i cannot find any tutorial related to hacking an android phone that is not in my access I can get the apk file to installed, thats it.

Encrypt APK Payload - Bypass Google Play

If the victim lives far from the attacker, how to make it possible that the payload connects back?. I created a payload for android. Only sms and call log shows.

But after a minute it shows some error. I retried the same process to create the payload again. But still it shows error. Can you suggest what is the reason behind it. Payloads are not generating when i write the commands. LPORT is extremely important.

Your setup is like telling someone to tell you something and then refusing to tell them which orifice to yell at. They don't know if they should talk to your ears or your left toenail, so nothing happens. Hi there! After generating the payload sign the. Send it to the Victim. Kevin, You decide the port. Just be sure to use one that isn't already reserved. Good luck! I did everything but when i try to install apk file in my oen android device to check its says application not installed!

Please can amyone tell me how to fix this error thank you! If anyone knows the answer how can we connect again on our "infected" phone ore we need to re-send the file? Please help. Hi guys, everything worked perfectly for me but when I sent the APK file to my phone it could not be install it shows parsing error because the backdoor file size was "0" I don't know why anyone can help please!

Hi Guys greetings, you know the cause of this problem when you start the exploit, I have been using in my Androdi 5.