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Work Flow All in One Delivery. Upload the required documents and select the PO item, payment term and quantity as per contract 3. Assure data accuracy 4. Submit payment request As soon as milestone completed hours 5.

Print the acceptance certificate and invoice if needed. PO trigger and approval conditions All in One Delivery. Only shows activity which PO Acceptance condition with value. Only shows PO item info belongs to your company.

ISDP Training : Introduction To ISDP Settings

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Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Page Related Interests Business. Salman Labiadh.Indicates the reason why the AP state changed to fault. For details, see Table The link between the AP and AC was faulty or the link environments were bad. As a result, the provision configuration packet sent from the AC to the AP was lost.

If so, go to 2. If not, go to 3. If so, go to 3. If not, go to 4. As a result, the restart packet sent from the AC to the AP was lost. When there are a large number of users, this log is frequently recorded, affecting system performance and overwriting other log information. Therefore, this log is not recorded by default. To enable the system to record this log, run the report-sta-info enable command in the WLAN view. The user failed to go online. To enable the system to record this log, run the set wlan wsta logout enable command in the diagnostic view.

Description The AP state changed to fault. Sysname Indicates the AP's system name.

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Reason Indicates the reason why the AP state changed to fault. Possible Causes For details, see Table Procedure Handle faults according to handling suggestions in Table The AP goes offline due to normal configuration changes, and no action is required. The AP is replaced. Reboot by ap update reset command. The AP resets to load the new version file after the upgrade, and no action is required. A command is delivered to reboot an AP. The AC delivers a reboot command to the AP, and no action is required.

An AP is deleted. The AP is deleted on the AC, and no action is required. Apply for a new license. Description Failed to commit the AP configuration.

Reason Indicates the reason why the AP provision failed to be committed. Message timeout: AP configuration delivery by the AC times out. Restart the AP and check whether the log is still generated. Collect traps, logs, and configurations, and contact technical support personnel.

Description The AP restarted. Sysname AP's system name. Reason Reason for an AP restart. If the reason is config-failthe AP is restarted because configuration delivery fails.You could log in by your new password and then change it.

It's caused by IE version. Please check the software and hardware environment:.

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isdp huawei pdf

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Please check whether your network works well, or the speed is too slow. In normal condition, Online Test can only be tested for one time, but some Online Test may be tested for several times according to the requirements of test paper. Click on this button to navigate to the LVC launch page. Click on the "Start" button on this page to launch the LVC training. You may use the Raise Hand icon on the menu bar to notify the leader that you have a question or wish to speak.

There are other shown below which can be used to make the session more interactive through the participant feedback. If you are online in the session till the end time, then your attendance is automatically tracked. However if you exist before the end time and you wish to be marked attended for the session, then you will need to coordinate offline with the respective instructor for the session.

The first time when you use the live virtual classroom, you need to install the LVC client. Please follow the page prompt to install it.Huawei Technologies Co. It provides telecommunications equipment and sells consumer electronicssmartphones [4] and is headquartered in ShenzhenGuangdong. The company was founded in by Ren Zhengfei.

Initially focused on manufacturing phone switchesHuawei has expanded its business to include building telecommunications networks, providing operational and consulting services and equipment to enterprises inside and outside of China, and manufacturing communications devices for the consumer market. Huawei has deployed its products and services in more than countries. Although successful internationally, Huawei has faced difficulties in some markets, due to claims of undue state support and cybersecurity concerns —primarily from the United States government—that Huawei's infrastructure equipment may enable surveillance by the Chinese government.

Huawei has argued that its products posed "no greater cybersecurity risk" than those of any other vendor and that there is no evidence of the U. Questions regarding Huawei's ownership and control as well as concerns regarding the extent of state support also remain.

isdp huawei pdf

In the midst of an ongoing trade war between China and the United StatesHuawei was restricted from doing commerce with U. On 29 JuneU. President Donald Trump reached an agreement to resume trade talks with China and announced that he would ease the aforementioned sanctions on Huawei. Huawei cut jobs at its Santa Clara research center in June, and in December founder Ren Zhengfei said it was moving the center to Canada because the restrictions would block them from interacting with US employees.

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However, pronunciation of Huawei by non-Chinese varies in other countries, for example "Hoe-ah-wei" in the Netherlands. During the s, the Chinese government tried to modernize the country's underdeveloped telecommunications infrastructure.

A core component of the telecommunications network was telephone exchange switches, and in the late s, several Chinese research groups endeavored to acquire and develop the technology, usually through joint ventures with foreign companies. Ren Zhengfei, a former deputy director of the People's Liberation Army engineering corps, founded Huawei in in Shenzhen. The company reports that it had RMB 21, in registered capital at the time of its founding.

Ren sought to reverse engineer foreign technologies with local researchers. At a time when all of China's telecommunications technology was imported from abroad, Ren hoped to build a domestic Chinese telecommunication company that could compete with, and ultimately replace, foreign competitors.

During its first several years the company's business model consisted mainly of reselling private branch exchange PBX switches imported from Hong Kong. It was by far the most powerful switch available in China at the time. By initially deploying in small cities and rural areas and placing emphasis on service and customizability, the company gained market share and made its way into the mainstream market. Huawei also won a key contract to build the first national telecommunications network for the People's Liberation Armya deal one employee described as "small in terms of our overall business, but large in terms of our relationships".

In the s Canadian telecom giant Nortel outsourced production of their entire product line to Huawei. Another major turning point for the company came in when the government in Beijing adopted an explicit policy of supporting domestic telecommunications manufacturers and restricting access to foreign competitors.

Huawei was promoted by both the government and the military as a national championand established new research and development offices.

InHuawei won a contract to provide fixed-line network products to Hong Kong company Hutchison Whampoa. In MayHuawei partnered with 3Com on a joint venture known as H3C, which was focused on enterprise networking equipment.It is used to share information about other directly connected Cisco equipment, such as the operating system version and IP address.

April 2016

CDP can also be used for On-Demand Routingwhich is a method of including routing information in CDP announcements so that dynamic routing protocols do not need to be used in simple networks. Cisco devices send CDP announcements to the destination MAC address c:cc:cc:ccout each connected network interface.

These multicast frames may be received by Cisco switches and other networking devices that support CDP into their connected network interface. Each Cisco device that supports CDP stores the information received from other devices in a table that can be viewed using the show cdp neighbors command.

The CDP table information is refreshed each time an announcement is received, and the holdtime for that entry is reinitialized.

The holdtime specifies the lifetime of an entry in the table - if no announcements are received from a device for a period in excess of the holdtime, the device information is discarded default seconds. The information contained in CDP announcements varies by the type of device and the version of the operating system running on it.

This information may include the operating system version, hostnameevery address i.

isdp huawei pdf

IP address from all protocol s configured on the port where CDP frame is sent, the port identifier from which the announcement was sent, device type and model, duplex setting, VTP domain, native VLANpower draw for Power over Ethernet devicesand other device specific information. The details contained in these announcements is easily extended due to the use of the type-length-value TLV frame format.

See external links for a technical definition. Receiving and processing CDP information is still supported. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Cisco protocols Device discovery protocols. Hidden categories: Pages using RFC magic links. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Acciones a seguir con el ISDP. All in One Delivery. Ubicar el proyecto y site en el que se encuentra trabajando. Reportar la incidencia o problema detectado durante el trabajo en caso lo hubiera. Realizar el registro de salida del site Clock In.

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ISDP Mobile - Training Huawei V2

Verificar el estado actual del sitio. Cerrar incidencias reportadas. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9.

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Page El color amarillo indica que la. Luego que la incidencia haya sido atendida por la. Cierre de Incidencias. One View. One Action. One Plan. One Input. One Result. One Platform.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. David Schmitt. Schmitt Bradley University and Members of the International Sexuality Description Project As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, 16, participants from 53 nations were administered an anonymous survey about experiences with romantic attraction.

Evolutionary and social-role hypotheses received empirical support. Men were more likely than women to report having made and succumbed to short-term poaching across all regions, but differences between men and women were often smaller in more gender-egalitarian regions. The authors conclude that human mate-poaching experiences are universally linked to sex, culture, and the robust influence of personal dispositions.

When people feel romantic desire toward another person, they One of the central challenges of mate poaching is that many of often act in special ways in hopes of attracting that person. The desired partner seeds of dissatisfaction within the existing relationship. Some may be regularly dating another person or have just embarked on tactics appear to work well in regard to mate poaching, such as a new romantic relationship.

Almost all mate-poaching tactics must be used with caution, how- Trying to attract someone who is already in a romantic relationship ever.

Indeed, many pitfalls. A com- Despite the prohibitive difficulties associated with mate poach- plete list of the coauthors, listed alphabetically, can be found at the end of ing, recent evidence suggests that poaching does occur, with most this article. In prac- Imagawa JapanMinoru Wada JapanJunichi Taniguchi Japanand tice, mate poaching often takes the form of a short-term sexual Yuji Kanemasa Japan for helping with data collection and for contribut- seduction. Short-term mate poachers seek to elicit only a brief ing significantly to the samples used in this study.

In addition, we acknowl- adulterous desertion by the already-mated partner. At times, the edge the work of Vijai N. In most cases, the short-term and long-term mate poaching. Finally, we thank Robert Fowler, Trisha Pasdach, and Andrea Kittell for their comments on an earlier version of this article. However, mate poaching also can result E-mail: dps bradley.